SLICC Ambassador 2019-2020

SLICC Ambassador
2019 Winners
SLICC Ambassador
If you LOVE Community Service – This Optional is for YOU!
  • A unique optional competition opportunity for all contestants that LOVE doing Community Service.
  • One judges panel will select National Winners
  • National Title awarded to One representative from each of the three SLICC groups. (3 National Winners)
  • Prizes Include: National Crown/Banner and MISSION TRIP
Competition Includes
  • 25% Community Service Portfolio Book
  • 25% 90 Second Video on Why you should be selected as the next SLICC Ambassador
  • 25% Evening Gown
  • 25% Fundraising for the SLICC Foundation ($100 Minimum will receive all allocated points
Congratulations to our 2019 U.S.A. SLICC AmbassadorS!
SLICC I National Queen
Taylor Beck
SLICC II National Queen
Landry Overton
SLICC III National Queen
Shawn Fischer